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November 28, 2018

Best novels for this fall

Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind by Reed Farrel Coleman, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, US $27.00, Pp 368, September 2018, ISBN 978-0399574948

After announcing openly that he will never touch alcohol again, Paradise Police chief Jesse Stone returns to his job. Alcoholic Jesse Stone has been in rehab for two months in the wake of his traumatic case in which he had to battle a white supremacist and investigate an assault that looked bizarrely familiar (Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet, 2017). Before he is fully recovered, Jesse Stone faces a series of apparently racially motivated crimes which begin with the murder of an African American woman. Then there is African-American Harvard doctoral student Felicity Wileford, who is beaten and raped in an assault that has all the hallmarks of a race crime. The burning of a cross outside Jesse’s old house, where now lives Boston physician Ron Patel and his blonde wife, Liza, convinces Jesse that someone is specifically igniting racial hatred by targeting interracial couples for harassment. The suspicion is confirmed with the distribution of leaflets from a white supremacist group calling itself the Saviors of Society (the SS for short). The situation becomes really serious when his deputy Alisha is framed up in a very sophisticated way. Because Alisha is the first black woman hired by the Paradise police force, she is a favorite target of white supremacists. As the Paradise police are making every effort to resolve it, Jesse Stone wonders if this is part of a grander plan to come. If so, how destructive it could be. This is when a mysterious young man named Cole Slayton arrives in the town with a chip on his shoulder. Cole Slayton who is in his twenties appeals to Jesse who takes him under his protection. Cole’s secrets will change Jesse’s life forever. Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind is a sort of tour de force. It brings the racial issues and tensions in American society in the open. The story has many twists and turns that keep you glued to the pages and will leave your mind reeling.

About the authors

Robert B. Parker was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser detective series, the novels featuring Chief Jesse Stone, and the acclaimed Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch westerns, as well as the Sunny Randall novels. Winner of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award and long considered the undisputed dean of American crime fiction, he died in January 2010. Reed Farrel Coleman, author of the New York Times–bestselling Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet. He has published twenty-seven previous novels, including nine books in the critically acclaimed Moe Prager series, and, most recently, What You Break, featuring Gus Murphy. A four-time winner of the Shamus Award, he has also won the Anthony, Macavity, Barry, and Audie awards. Coleman lives with his family on Long Island.

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