Functional and simple but cozy homes

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Functional and simple but cozy homes

    Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff by Myquillyn Smith, Zondervan/HarperCollins Publishers, US $24.99, Pp 208,     October 2018, ISBN 978-0310350910

We all love the word ‘cozy.’ We want our houses to be cozy. In Cozy Minimalist Home, Myquillyn Smith says that the word ‘cozy’ sets the mood for connection. It’s inviting and warm, and it allows you to let your guard down. She says that there was a time when she thought that adding style and coziness meant piling on more cute accessories to her. She thought cozy meant heaps and layers overwhelm when it came to stuff. She wanted all the fluffy pillows, soft throws, and candles. But, slowly, her “cozy” overstuffed home began to bring her less joy and more exhaustion. She says that we want this word to mean what it does not mean. She writes, “Cozy is not a style but a tool, we’ll keep buying cute pillows and vases and not understand why we hate our rooms.”

Myquillyn writes, “I have been stereotyping minimalists for years. To me, minimalist meant lacking and cold and modern. Minimalist was barely adequate and sad. I wanted plenty and abundance and coziness and warmth.” In other words, like most of us, she wanted all the layers and extras. But, there came a time when she started realizing that there was not enough space in the house and it felt suffocating. That is when she started reading minimalist blogs. She started understanding the word “cozy” differently. She writes, “Some of these blogs made me secretly jealous. The thought of owning less was a dream life I longed for… I realized we had closets packed full of great thrift deals that I didn’t have room for and stacks of chairs in our filled-up, carless two-car garage.” She says the freedom of keeping only what we truly needed, loved and used sounded so extravagant and risky and glorious. But then she would occasionally catch a glimpse of a minimalist home that scared her. As inviting as the minimalist movement was, some of these homes seemed like the opposite of inviting. There were no throw pillows, no rugs, and no drapes. “This is something I just couldn’t commit to; a cozy home was too important to me.”

Myquillyn says that instead of wasting your time trying to name your style, you should start honing your design skills by learning how to pay attention. The entire world is a design classroom if you’re willing to see it that way. Paying attention to how you respond to different spaces will help you realize what kind of atmosphere you need and enjoy in your home. When you pair this information with what you learn in this book, you’ll be able to make design decisions with more confidence, based on logic and observation, not a few fancy adjectives that try to capture your personal style. Myquillyn writes, “If our goal isn’t to mimic a style with an impressive name, what exactly are we trying to accomplish with the things we put in our homes? As Cozy Minimalists who want more style with less stuff, we’ll use cozy and minimal as tools to create a home that is functional, abundant, beautiful, and simple. If we can incorporate those four traits into every space in our homes, our homes will serve us exceedingly well.”

Myquillyn Smith tells you how to declutter your house to make room for more life and love. Cozy Minimalist Home will help you turn your house into the house of your dreams where you live your good life. She tells you from her own experience that a cozy minimalist home is a happy home. She helps you turn your home into a place where people are welcome and attracted to. Most importantly, Myquillyn Smith makes it affordable for most people. With her step-by-step approach, she also makes it easy for everyone to live the dream of having a cozy and functional home.

Note: This review was originally posted on November 10, 2018, but had to be re-posted for technical reasons.

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