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March 28, 2019
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March 31, 2019

Satan is alive and active

The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country by Phil Robertson, Thomas Nelson, US $24.99, Pp 208, February 2019, ISBN 978-1400210046

Seventy-two-year-old Phil Robertson is a professional hunter and businessman who is primarily known for being the patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. He is also the reality TV star on the television series Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson is featured on ‘Buck Commander,’ a hunting TV program on the Outdoor Channel. Most importantly, he is a powerful conservative Christian voice in America. In The Theft of America’s Soul, Phil Robertson argues that America has lost its soul under the rise of secularism and atheism and it is time to revive America’s original Christian soul. He says that the Almighty loves you, me, and the rest of America. He loves us so much that he sent Jesus to earth to teach us that perfect truth, to live a sinless life, and to conquer sin and death.

Phil Robertson says that God clearly communicated the story of Jesus through the scriptures. From Genesis to Malachi, the Almighty told us to pay attention because Jesus — the Savior of the world — was coming. From Matthew to John, the writers told us to pay attention because Jesus had come. He writes, “What should we do with this great truth of truths, the truth of the Almighty’s love? We should put our faith in it and organize our whole lives around it. Merely believing the truth isn’t enough. We also stake our lives on it. We preach, preach, preach in duck season and out of duck season. We must also preach the news of God’s love in our public schools, our public squares, and our voting booths. We speak of the Almighty’s saving power — to the teachers and principals, the mayors and governors or even President Trump himself. We remind the world that Jesus has made a way for them to conquer misery, disease, and death. In eternity? Yes. But here too.”

Jesus has outed the truth. Phil Robertson argues that the problem is that the Devil was alive and active, and he controlled the desires of the religious leaders of the day. What was the chief aim of the Devil, and consequently, what was the chief aim of the religious leaders? Murder. Murder Jesus. Murder God. Phil Robertson argues that murder, death, and destruction are Satan’s chief means of separating humans from God. Cannot you see his work all around you? Hasn’t he run amok in America? Suicide rates are at an all-time high. Between 40 and 50 percent of marriages die in divorce. Hundreds of thousands of babies are aborted annually. America is a slaughterhouse because we have been enslaved by the power of the evil one, the murderer of all murderers.

If Satan cannot kill you immediately, he has other tools at his disposal. Phil Robertson argues that Satan will imprison you in your own desires or use your intellect against you until you go down to death. Drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, greed, false beliefs (like ‘God is Dead’) — these are among the tools Satan uses to keep us in bondage, to keep us from experiencing the freedom of God’s kingdom before we take our last breath. Paul is clear about the tools of Satan, the tools he calls “the works of the flesh.” Phil Robertson asks the readers to look around and asks if you see Satan’s influence at work around you. Phil Robertson writes, “The entertainment industry mocks religion and celebrates perversity. Universities teach the death of God and Satan with scientific precision. Physicians and psychologists tell us that when we die, the lights go out forever. Sin, the works of our flesh — can there be any question that Satan is alive and well in our county?”

The Theft of America’s Soul is a powerful message from a conservative Christian thinker. Phil Robertson makes a powerful point that there is no hope for America without God. He powerfully argues that Christianity was at the heart of America’s soul and, without God, America’s soul is dying. He tells his readers to repent and return to God to save themselves and America. He does not care if his opinion is ridiculed by the secularists and atheists. It is an important book to understand America’s conservative Christian right.

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