Making your marriage work for you

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April 18, 2019
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Making your marriage work for you

Vertical Marriage: The One Secret That Will Change Your Marriage by Dave Wilson and Ann Wilson, Zondervan, US $22.99, Pp 240, January 2019, ISBN 978-0310352143

If someone asks you if you are happily married, you are likely to reply in the negative. If you are asked if you are going to get divorced, you may not reply in the positive. Most unhappily-married couples continue to drag their marriages as it is not easy to break the marital relationship. But, the real tragedy is that most unhappily-married couples never make an effort to turn their marriages into happy relationships. Thirty years ago, Pastor Dave Wilson and Anne Wilson were an unhappy couple. But, they turned their marriage into a happy relationship and founded a multi-campus church to make other couples happy too. They have been coaching marriage since then. In Vertical Marriage, Dave Wilson and Ann Wilson share their own experience of salvaging their own marriage. They argue that horizontal marriage doesn’t work until the vertical relationship with Christ is established.

Pastor Dave and Anne Wilson say that a marriage is built on moments — “the small and seemingly insignificant bricks that, stacked one by one over time, quietly ascend upon themselves into giant walls, breathtaking columns, and bridges over all kinds of waters.” Our lives are built brick by brick and moment by moment. Many of these moments fly by and, to be quite honest, are not really that memorable. After all, they are just little bricks. But every once in a while, one of those “little” bricks breaks loose from the wall of life and brings the whole building down. That little masonry moment looks you right in the eye as if to say, “Listen up, dude! What you choose in the next five minutes will determine the rest of your life — and even your kids’ lives.”

Pastor Dave and Anne argue that this is the wonderful mystery of what God promises to do in the lives — and the marriages — of his people. He takes weeping that has lasted all night and somehow turns it into a joyful morning of rejoicing. He takes ashes — the final, worthless thing that remains when everything has burned to the ground — and produces something beautiful. He transforms death into life. This is not just a metaphor; this is literally what God does. That’s the only reason we are still here and still married — happily.

Pastor Dave and Anne write, “You don’t have to be perfect for God to do this kind of daily miracle in your life or marriage. We certainly are not. You can be severely flawed. Angry. Addicted. Apathetic. Even atheistic.” They say that from each of these positions, you are still being targeted by grace. You are still in the sights of the Savior. There is no need to clean up your marriage before you can fully trust in the Vertical to begin being active in your story. Pastor Wilson and Anne say that once you have trusted in God, you will be ready to tackle your marriage — but all your efforts will actually work because God’s Holy Spirit will be empowering your thoughts and deeds.

Pastor Dave and Ann are amazingly fresh and bring new perspectives on marriage relations. They have saved a number of marriages and created love between countless husbands and wives. If your marriage is only horizontal and you want to turn it vertical as well, Vertical Marriage will help you achieve the goal. If you see cracks appearing in your marriage, it is time to read Vertical Marriage. In fact, Vertical Marriage will bring you closer even if your marriage is going fine. Vertical Marriage is packed with practical advice and real solutions and wisdom. It is not for just married couples; if you are planning to get married soon, reading Vertical Marriage should be your next step.

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