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April 21, 2019
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Healthy — but also delicious

Hungry Girl Simply 6: All-Natural Recipes with 6 Ingredients or Less by Lisa Lillien, St. Martin’s Griffin, US $21.99, Pp 384, March 2019, ISBN 978-1250154521

Are you looking for easy-to-make recipes that are also healthy? Are you looking for dishes that feast your eyes before they feast your palate? Hungry Girl Simply 6 is what you should be looking for. Each of the Hungry Girl Simply 6 recipes calls for six or fewer main ingredients. The main ingredients do not include water, seasonings and serving suggestions. There are however optional ingredients. There are also the occasional herb garnishes in photos you can add to the dishes. You can garnish your dishes any way you like or not at all. The ingredients are super simple supermarket staples. No difficult-to-find ingredients such as pomegranate molasses or organic rose water. They are anyway not necessarily healthy. The recipes in this Hungry Girl Simply 6 are all natural. The recipes feature lots of wholly natural ingredients — lean protein, fruits, and veggies, eggs, oats, etc. When it comes to other foods called for in these recipes — like cheese, condiments, and canned foods — each and every one of these is readily available without any artificial ingredients. Lisa Lillien may not be a nutrition specialist; she does provide full nutritional info for every recipe. You can review each recipe and determine what works for you. Lisa Lillien says her recipes are low in added sugar and starchy carbs, and the sodium per serving tops at 875 mg. For most recipes, the sodium is much lower. Also, there is a sodium saving guide in the book. You can make a simple swap here. As a big fan of weight watchers, she always calculates the point value for each recipe. At weight Watchers’ request — and because the points system have been known to change over time — these values are provided on the Hungry Girl website as opposed to printed in this book. Hungry Girl Simply 6 is packed with accessible recipes which come with stunning images. They are delicious and easy-to-make but, most importantly, healthy.



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