“Faith is the path out of every obstacle and impossibility”

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“Faith is the path out of every obstacle and impossibility”

Unexpected: Leave Fear Behind, Move Forward in Faith, Embrace the Adventure by Christine Caine, Zondervan, US $22.95, Pp 240, August 2018, ISBN 978-0310351245

We live in a chaotic world where peace is rare. As uncertainty reigns supreme in our world, we all expected the unexpected to happen any time. Most of us want to live under certain conditions. We do not like surprises – particularly unpleasant ones. In Unexpected, Christine Caine argues that God wants us to expect the unexpected with a faith that is deeply rooted in His goodness. As God is in control of everything, nothing is unexpected for him. Using examples from her life, Christine Caine walks us through the unknowns and help us understand the new ways to manage and face disappointments and surprises. She says that you first have to surrender to God to live in peace in a chaotic world. Christine Caine writes, “Since I surrendered my life fully to Jesus, he has been teaching me unshakeable faith. Relentless faith. Unwavering faith. Teaching me to trust him more every time he asks. Teaching me to embrace the unexpected. He’s been cultivating in me the same kind of faith that propelled Abraham further into his destiny as the father of Isaac, and ultimately the father of many nations. The same kind of faith that led Abraham to trust God more, even in the face of sheer hopelessness.”

Explaining the strength of Abraham’s faith, Christine Caine says that when God gave Abraham such an outlandish and unexpected promise, he simply believed God’s promise — he risked hope against all rational hope. He didn’t deny the facts of his circumstances, but he refused to believe they were the whole truth because they did not account for God’s promise. He did not waver or doubt, and because of that, his faith grew even stronger. When, at last, Isaac was born, Abraham gave all the glory to God.

Christine Caine wants us to imagine the difference we can make if we learned to face the unexpected in our lives as Abraham did. If we learn to do the unexpected while facing the unexpected. She asks the readers very important questions, “What if we believed instead of feared in the face of the unknown? What if we courageously moved through loss and disappointment, believing God has a purpose for it on the other side? What if we got up every day believing God for the best knowing we might possibly encounter the worst?” And then she tries to answer the very same questions. She writes, “I believe we can live this unexpectantly — this hopefully, this freely, this faith-filled — in the face of everything that comes our way. Even the unexpected.”  For her impossible is where God starts. In whatever He is called us to do — in whatever purposes he wants us to move forward in faith believing him and looking to him… So God can fulfill the promises he’s given us and also can express his supernatural power in our lives. That is why, she says, He can receive all the glory.

Christine Caine argues that God wants to do the impossible in our lives. He did it in Biblical times, and nothing has changed since then — not who He is, not what He does, not the way He does it. She says that our job should be to keep believing that God is good, God does good, and God is working all things together for our good and for his glory. We must keep believing that He still is working on our behalf — ordering our steps, opening doors, healing our hearts, working miracles, regardless of how we feel or the obstacles we face. There is no doubt God has called us to a purpose on this earth. We are his workmanship created for good works in Christ. He has prepared many things for us to do here. We are citizens of another kingdom, and yet living in this very real and troubled world. Wherever we can find ourselves, whatever our sphere of influence, it is our mandate and our great privilege to bring a piece of heaven to this earth. She concludes, “Faith is the path out of every obstacle and impossibility.”

Christine Caine shows that God is the only hope when unexpected happens and we feel as if we have landed in darkness. If we repose our faith in God, He shows us a ray of hope and we return to peace. Christine Caine asks her readers to replace their fear of unexpected with their belief in God. Christine Caine is the voice of hope for those who live in perpetual fear of the unknown. Unexpected is written in a beautiful style and plain English. You will not be able to put it down before you read the last page.

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