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June 8, 2019
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The road to happiness

Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power by T. D. Jakes, FaithWords, US 25.00, Pp 260, April 2019, ISBN 978-1455595372

There are moments in everyone’s life when you think that this is the end of everything. You only see darkness around you. There is no ray of hope left in life. This is exactly the situation T. D. Jakes found himself when his 13-year-old daughter told him and his wife that she is pregnant. He and his wife thought that the floor beneath them was opening up and will swallow them into freefall. In Crushing, T. D. Jakes says that he found himself suddenly submerged in a flood of emotions, thoughts, and questions. Describing the moment, he writes, “In the midst of unexpected pain or inevitable loss, these thoughts assail you as you sink into the emotional quicksand of life’s messy places, the muddy pits where everything you once held dear and true is questioned, dissected, and shaken to the core.

This was a moment of crushing for him and his wife. With all God was doing in his life, T. D. Jakes was reminded that there was no way he should have felt so deflated, discouraged, doubtful, and depressed. People told him of Jesus’ edict “Physician, heal thyself!” (Luke 4:23) and asked him to minister to himself with the same conviction with which he preached from the pulpit. But, he says that he is just as human as anyone else was equally susceptible to suffering like everyone else during the crushing blows of life. He writes, “I have discovered that if I have anything worth sharing from the pulpit, from the podium, from the pages of the books I write, then it must be authentic to my own experience. I cannot ask you or anyone else to believe in something that I myself haven’t tested. If I cannot wrestle with the question of suffering, then I have little to tell you about the sacred.” He mustered his courage and decided to face it with the help of God. The question that agitated his mind then was “Is God OK with the coexistence of joy and utter anguish?” But he did not have an answer to this question. He says that he has now learned the value in asking them — and experienced growth as a result of such challenging seasons. During these trying times, he began to understand the deeper meaning of Jesus’s parable about the wheat and tares growing up together (Matthew 13:24-31).

T. D. Jakes says that he has discovered his most potent preaching and most meaningful messages from some of his life’s greatest hardships. The lesson learned was that one cannot exist without the other if he is to reach the full potential for who God created you to be. He says that, in the midst of the painful crushing, we realize that the blessing found in the production of fruit in our lives was never God’s end goal. It is part of the ongoing greater process. The worst moments of life for the family passed. This incident had a deep effect on the family – particularly his daughter who became closer to God and grew to run a ministry. T. D. Jakes says that the dark moment was used by God to bring her closer to Him. He writes, “When I see at her and the incredible ministry she shares with her husband, I know that she would not be where she is without the crushing she endured. When I look at the young man my grandson has become, I know that what seemed like a crushing disclosure at the time has fermented into a trophy vintage of our Father’s best wine.”

Crushing is a very inspirational book that inspires you to leave your doubts behind and believe in God’s scheme of things. Like his other books, Crushing is filled with warmth and wisdom. The goal of T. D. Jakes is to pull you out of the state of desperation and help you face the challenges you face in real life. Drawing on his personal example, T. D. Jakes tells you to believe that God may have a special scheme of things for you. T. D. Jakes knows the art of helping you navigate out of the most depressing and difficult situations and he does that with the help of God. Crushing is a road to personal and business success. It will open the door to happiness.

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