Making a difference in ordinary people’s lives

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July 1, 2019
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July 3, 2019

Making a difference in ordinary people’s lives

The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose by Trent Shelton, Lou Aronica (Contributor), Thomas Nelson, US $24.99, Pp 202, May 2019, ISBN 978-1400207930

Ten years ago, Trent Shelton had no idea that one day more than nine million people would view his latest video, share it more than two hundred thousand times and make more than fifteen thousand comments — often personal and positive. Today Trent Shelton is a celebrated public speaker who reaches out to more than fifty million people every week through his social media outlets. He goes around the world to lecture on how to create a lasting and positive change in their lives. Tent Shelton was and is an introvert. He had a fear of public speaking and no experience with it. His body is covered with tattoos. He thought, with tattoos all over his body, he had little possibility of becoming an inspirational speaker although he wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people.

In The Greatest You, Trent Shelton tells his story of rise to such fame. He shares parts of his personal journey and shares the lessons these experiences taught him. He also shares stories of his followers from all over the globe go through hard times and with which you can identify. Life started changing when he unexpectedly got an offer from a friend to speak in front of five thousand teenagers at his church. He writes, “Public speaking was not my thing, and I worried that this was going to be just the latest in a series of disasters for me.” But he still somehow accepted the invitation. He says that it was on that stage that he unlocked something in him, something he’d had deep inside all along — his true purpose. As he started speaking, he almost blew it because when he stepped on the stage although he had prepared it too hard. He just went blank. Normally, this discourages most people. But Trent Shelton decided to face it and mustered courage and spoke.

He describes what happened next, “So right then, when panic could have leveled me, I just started talking in what would become my straight up, straight-from-the-heart, no-filter speaking style. I had no notes to lean on – just my truth and my experiences. Kids know what is real, so I had to be real, and they really felt what I was saying and couldn’t stop asking me questions afterward. It was then that I realized a very important lesson about life: You don’t have to be perfect to help people; all you have to do is be real.” This was a really encouraging experience for him as the kids repeatedly told him how much they respected him, not just because they were inspired, but because they finally felt understood. He says that those kids made him understand the power of transparency. His being honest about his life gave them confidence to be honest about their own. He continues to write, “I promised myself that I would always speak this way in the future. It felt incredible to witness how my transparency was the first step to their transformation. Affecting their lives made me feel alive again. It was the first time I actually felt a purpose outside of football, and what really tripped me out was how natural it felt to inspire those kids.” After that, he never had to look back.

The Greatest You is a very inspirational book in which a celebrated speaker of our times Trent Shelton tells us how to connect to ordinary people and make a positive difference in their lives. Based on his personal life experiences, his message and advice is to speak from your heart if you want to connect to the people. This beautifully written book is packed with ideas, advices and inspiration. The Greatest You, is a must-read if you find it difficult to connect with people and make a positive difference in their lives or if you want to realize your dream.

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