The recipes that have stood the test of time

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August 6, 2019
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The recipes that have stood the test of time

The Recipe: Classic dishes for the home cook from the world’s best chefs by Josh Emett & Kieran E. Scott (Photographer), Rizzoli, US $ 40.00, Pp 544, May 2019, ISBN 978-0847863464

In The Recipe, Josh Emett has put together 314 recipes, defined, refined and cooked by the world’s 150 best contemporary chefs and cooks. He has included dishes that could be classified as truly “classic”, as well as modern interpretations of traditional dishes, together with a diverse range of regional classics. They cover a wide selection from the exceptional chefs who have tried, tested, and perfected them. Josh Emett says that these are the recipes that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Some are beautifully simplistic, while others are complex and creative and will challenge you. But they all have one thing in common – they are all timeless. These are the dishes that everyone needs to cook and experience at least once in their lifetime. Josh Emett holds three Michelin star and best known for opening Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at the London Hotel in New York.

The Recipe is divided into nine recipe sections — soups, staples, salads & vegetables, seafood, poultry, meat and offal, baking, desserts & sweets, and basics. In the process of re-creating the recipes, he has added an at-a-glance guide to each for complexity, prep time, cook time, and servings. He has also provided additional notes where needed, such as preparation, the key element to perfecting a dish, serving suggestions, or tips. Some recipes also carry the chef’s own comments and tips. There is a comprehensive reference section that includes detailed conversion charts, a glossary of words and terms, and a summary of all the kitchen equipment used in the book. To simplify the navigation process, there are also two indexes to enable you to search by both ingredient and recipe name, together with a complete list of the chefs who have donated their recipes.

Recipes is inspiring, creative and exclusive. It is rare you find so many classic — old and modern — recipes in one place. To say that the recipes are delicious, scrumptious and mouth-watering is an understatement. With dozens of tips and variations, you’ve got endless inspiration for a lifetime of goodness. This beautifully manufactured book with stunning images of the dishes will fit not only your kitchen but also your living room. But, there must be a copy in the kitchen.

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