Reinventing your business by reinventing yourself

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October 9, 2019
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Reinventing your business by reinventing yourself

Know What You’re FOR: A Growth Strategy for Work, An Even Better Strategy… by Jeff Henderson, Zondervan, US$22.99, Pp 254, October 2019, ISBN 978-0310356318

Is your business organization growing? Is attendance at your church growing? Are you leading a happier life? If the answer to such questions in the negative, then you need to ask two questions: What is your known for? Or what are you personally known for? In Know What You’re FOR, Jeff Henderson argues that if the answer to the above-mentioned questions is in the negative, it is likely that your focus is misplaced. If you want your business to grow or live a happier life, you need to focus on the people. As a former Chick-Fil-A official and a pastor at an influential church, North Point, Jeff Henderson is the right person to talk about this necessary subject. Jeff Henderson says that this book is to help your business or nonprofit organization grow. The growth includes sales and moments, but it is even better than that. You can grow sales and value. You can grow the business by growing the people in your business. And in the process, you grow too.

Jeff Henderson says that you need to focus on four groups — the customer, the team, the community, and yourself — if you want your organization to grow. In other words, you need to be for these four groups. He says that when you are FOR these people, you create a combustible engine where positive word-of-mouth advertising is generated. When you are FOR these people, they return the favor. He writes further, “And yes, you are one of the four. I will show you how being FOR you is actually one of the best ways to be FOR the other three. It’s why this book will not only grow your organization; it will also grow your influence as well.”

Jeff Henderson says that one of the primary ways a business can grow is by creating a sales force for free. This can be done by focusing on the customers. Everyone understands the value of positive word-of-mouth advertising. The problem is that it seems so elusive, even mysterious. He writes, “We’re going to take the mystery out of it by giving you a very practical strategy for engaging with your customers.” An organization cannot create a healthy customer culture with an unhealthy team culture. When a team understands the organization and leadership are FOR them, they return the favor. Jeff Henderson says that one of the most important lessons in any business is this: A customer is treated like the team is treated. He writes, “When I walk into a business, I can instantly tell how the team is being treated. It is flowing to me and the customers.” Every organization can accomplish this is by having a clear, compelling vision. It is not just about the vision of the organization. It’s about the vision you have for the team. People want to work for someone who clearly wants and believes the best in them. A business with a FOR mindset understands that the first customer a leader has is the team. Too often, we try to solve this with off-site retreats. I am all for off-sites, but they are often seen as a magic pill — the performance-enhancing steroid of organizational life.

Jeff Henderson says that it’s no longer enough to be the best company IN the world. It’s about being the best company FOR the world. This is going to require having a bigger purpose than just “staying in business.” When businesses have a “bigger than us” mentality and see community impact as a measurement of business success, you are well on your way toward a purpose that rallies and inspires. However, the most important thing remains being FOR you. You must be focused on the one person you have the most control over — you. Honestly, you are probably the only person you have any real control over. In order to breathe a healthy life into the organization, you must ensure you’re breathing it in first. The best gift you can give your customers, your team and your community is an inspired, rejuvenated, fully alive you. He concludes, “The first three will require a lot of output from you in terms of energy, creativity, and leadership.”

Know What You’re FOR is an amazingly insightful book for businesspeople. Whether you are a seasoned business leader or just a newcomer, you will find valuable lessons, tools and, most importantly, inspiration in Know What You’re FOR. We must all commend Jeff Henderson for sharing his experience and ideas with us. Know What You’re FOR will change the way you set your goals for yourself and your organization. Jeff Henderson knows how to push you to think deeply about creating a people-focused business organization. Everybody who wants to see his business grow and lead a better, satisfactory life should read this book. Know What You’re FOR is an indispensable book for business leaders and business owners.


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