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November 1, 2019
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November 11, 2019

The widening political gulf

Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why The Democrats Must… by David Limbaugh, Regnery Publishing, US $29.99, Pp 496, October 2019, ISBN 978-1621579885

As the presidential election nears, American politics become hotter. In recent decades, if not years, the political divide has been becoming sharper and the gulf between the two big parties is becoming wider. In Guilty By Reason of Insanity, David Limbaugh argues why the Democratic Party must not win. His fundamental argument is that the Democratic Party would take America away from the principles of our founding fathers. He argues that Obama is a leftist who attained the highest office in the United States and was committed to fundamentally transforming America away from its founding principles. He continues, “Regrettably, he made great strides towards his goal. He popularized leftism and emboldened Democrats to brazenly advocate their extremist policies. Through Obama’s presidency, the nation shifted leftward at warp speed, especially on cultural issues, and we are seeing the fruits of that seismic shift today, from abortion to transgenderism.”

David Limbaugh says that we have witnessed a regressive cultural shift on race relations. One would have thought that with the election of an African-American president the nation would recognize it had made abundant progress in race relations, but Obama could not appreciate or acknowledge this evolution. Instead of using his position to bring racially diverse Americans closer together, he used race as a political cudgel to demonize conservatives and advance his agenda. Following his lead, the left and most of the Democratic Party exploited race in every conceivable context for political gain. The divisive issue of race – along with gender – is now everywhere, and the left is bludgeoning conservatives every day with accusations of racism on multiple fronts – from academia to Hollywood, to corporate ad campaigns. It would seem that a charge so cheaply and frequently made would lose its effectiveness, but if that’s the case the left and its media echo chamber haven’t received the message. If anything, they are ratcheting up the attacks.

David Limbaugh argues that President Obama accelerated America’s slow march to socialism to a rapid gallop, enabling the previously unthinkable and inspiring his fellow leftists to emerge from the shadows and unabashedly promote this utterly discredited ideology. The Democratic Party leadership is openly advocating socialism and the rest of the party essentially supports it in principle. David Limbaugh says that the leftists denounce this country with startling zeal and every American who is trying to preserve what has made it glorious. As we have seen, the left ferociously demonizes people simply for wearing caps evincing support for President Trump, who is fighting for them and the America they love.

If Trump’s policy successes were sure to be the determining factor, we would have nothing to fear in 2020, but the left will distract voters from the objective evidence and terrify them with false projections of race- and gender-infused totalitarianism under a second Trump term. David Limbaugh argues that the left will distort his record and deny that his policies are benefitting all groups, especially minorities. Additionally, beware of those who might grudgingly concede trump’s triumphs but argue that America’s prosperity is not worth the polarization he had allegedly caused. Just remember that on that score Trump and conservatives did not draw first blood. The left is relentlessly assaulting our constitutional system and traditional values and viciously attacking those who resist. We are not the ones causing the division, and we mustn’t be chased from the political battlefield by false, malicious charges of racism and sexism or because we value phony harmony over America’s freedom tradition. You can be sure the left will never quit for a moment and that a Democratic victory in 2020 would usher in far more divisiveness and radicalism than we see today. David Limbaugh says that the 2020 election will be referendum on capitalism versus socialism, on life versus infanticide, on gender sanity versus insanity, on equal opportunity versus forced equal outcome, on color blindness versus race-baiting, on free speech versus censorship, on freedom of thought versus political correctness, on American sovereignty versus open borders and globalism, and on liberty versus authoritarianism.

Guilty By Reason of Insanity is an important addition to the growing political literature on America’s current political divide. Guilty By Reason of Insanity is a meticulously researched and brilliantly written book. It provides fresh insights and perspectives on current President Trump-centric politics. It is an amazing work of hard research that gives us a close peek into how the republicans view Democrats. David Limbaugh builds a powerful case why Republicans must re-win the next presidential elections to take America out of the current problems. He also argues that President Trump’s political strategy is succeeding despite hostility from the Democrats. It is an explosive must-read if you are interested in American politics.

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