God’s provision for life and health does not come in a bottle or a pill

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November 9, 2019
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God’s provision for life and health does not come in a bottle or a pill

Eat Your Way to Life and Health: Unlock the Power of the Holy Communion by Joseph Prince, Thomas Nelson, US $26.99, Pp 214, October 2019, ISBN 978-0785229278

Everyone wants to have good health and live happily. They think the way to live a long and healthy life depends on what they eat and how much time they spend in the gym. Many fad diets come and go, but their diseases last. We are still told we need “health foods” in order to stay healthy and we still believe it. The dieting industry in America alone has swollen to a seventy-billion-dollar industry today, as they push all kinds of dieting methods, supplements, and plans. In Eat Your Way to Life and Health, Joseph Prince revisits a revelation of the Holy Communion and says that it was never more relevant than today. He shows his readers and followers how God has planned to give us good health and happiness. At the same time, he tries to answer difficult questions that agitate our minds such as: Is it God’s way to punish me by making me sick? Or, what should conclude when I don’t see results? The list is endless.

Pastor Prince says that you would agree that apart from the gift of salvation – receiving Jesus as our Lord and being saved from eternal destruction – the greatest blessing we could receive is health. He says that you can have a wonderful family, but if you are flat on your back and cannot enjoy being with them, that would be misery. As for money, you might be able to afford the latest medical treatment or best surgeons, but all the money in the world cannot buy health. He says that you can eat well, choose the healthy foods, and stay away from excesses that will damage your body. But our dependence cannot be on diets, fancy activity trackers, exercise apps, and health foods. Thank God for nutritionist and fitness instructors. They are fighting the same battle. Our trust, however, has to be in the redemption purchased by Christ and not in creation. He argues that divine health and long life can only come from God. Unlike the health foods, diet, or vitamins and supplements industries trying to sell their products, God’s provision for life and health is not sold in a bottle, nor is it a plan or a pill. It has been given to us freely, but it came at an astronomically high price that was paid on the cross of Calvary by the Son of God Himself.

Pastor Prince says that you can receive all the benefits Lord Jesus has purchased for you on the cross only by partaking of the Holy Communion. He writes, “I want you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God wants you healed, whole, and well. I want you to know that God’s heart is for you to enjoy a long, healthy, and satisfying life.” Then he goes on to explain why you should partake of the Holy Communion. He says that the Earth has been under a divine judgment ever since Adam sinned. Aging, disease, and death are all part of this divine sentence. The reality is, we live in a fallen world and these effects of the divine sentence are happening to all our mortal bodies. But God never intended for His children to suffer any of it. That is why He sent his Son to bear our sins and sickness on the cross. That is why he provided the Holy Communion as a way to escape the divine judgement that is on this world, to offset its effects. The Holy Communion is a supernatural channel for His health and wholeness to flow into our bodies. While the world is getting weaker and sicker, I believe we are getting stronger and healthier each time we partake of the Communion by faith.

Eat Your Way to Life and Health is a highly spiritual and inspiring book. Pastor Joseph Prince gives new insights into scriptures. Most people believe eating healthy and doing exercises is the way to good health and happy life, but Pastor Prince shows his readers another way to good health that passes through the Holy Communion. Eat Your Way to Life and Health is packed with great testimonies of benefits of taking Communion. Pastor Prince has a beautiful way of explaining his ideas. He makes you thirst for knowing how you can incorporate Holy Communion with meals. It is a must-read for the fan readers of Pastor Prince and those who want to have a fresh perspective on the Holy Communion.

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