Becoming more productive and happier

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December 14, 2019
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Becoming more productive and happier

Take the Day Off: Receiving God’s… by Robert Morris, FaithWords, US $22.00, Pp 216, October 2019, ISBN 978-1546010166

In 2017, a CNN report titled “Stress Really is Killing Us” reported that stress-related disorders and diseases have been on the rise in the United States for the last several decades. CNN quoted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This was one the several studies on the subject. Interestingly, all reports came to similar conclusions. These diseases include your hearts, kidneys and respiratory systems. Many diseases such as strokes and heart diseases are directly the results of stress. In Take the Day Off, Robert Morris says that our increasing lack of margins is damaging more than our bodies, however. It ravages our minds and emotions as well. Robert Morris quotes, which gives the possible warning signs as

Sense of failure and self-doubt

Felling helpless, trapped and defeated

Detachment, feeling alone in the world

Loss of motivation

Increasingly cynical and negative outlook

Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishments

Most people and their doctors take different medicines to overcome exhaustion and stress. Robert Morris argues that the Bible actually offers a better solution to the stress-related issues. God wants us to take a day off and rest. This is evident from the concept and commandment of Sabbath. This also shows how much God cares for your rest. Robert Morris says that God’s commandments about resting one out of seven days also mean that the remaining six days are for work. This also shows that God also cares for your work or, in other words, for all your life. Robert Morris says that resting for one day is important after six stressful days. He writes, “Our working days are largely filled with talking about work, thinking about work, planning for work, looking forward to work, or dreading work. We feel guilty if we don’t do enough of it or feel resentful when we work too much. Our lives resolve around work, but often it’s not the actual work that exhausts us. It’s the worry, fretting, stress, and anxiety about it that wears us out.”

Robert Morris says that the meaningful work — when we do meaningful and productive things that bear fruit — is a gift of God. Understanding that gift of work helps us better appreciate the gift of the rest. Some people mistakenly assume that work came into being as a part of the curse that befell mankind after sin entered the world. Work is not a part of the curse. Work existed before Adam fell. He asks us to adopt the principle of the Sabbath principle. He writes, “The Sabbath principle of rest is life, not law. It’s an invitation, not an obligation. It’s a gift, not an obligation. It’s a gift, not an assignment. Open the gift. Start living. Accept the invitation.” And do it now!

Take the Day Off is a very inspirational work. Robert Morris well argues that the concept of rest is not a new concept. It actually predates the exit of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He quotes the concept of Sabbath as evidence. Robert Morris powerfully argues that taking a day off your stressful work actually makes you more productive. People who are workaholic and work hard and overtime are actually less productive. Those who give rest to their minds and bodies are more likely to succeed. Most importantly, these are also the people who are happier.

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