The devil and his global pedophile playground

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December 20, 2019
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April 22, 2020

The devil and his global pedophile playground

Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales by Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin, James Robertson, Skyhorse, US $24.99, Pp 232, December 2019, ISBN 978-1510757929

Late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein once symbolized the luxurious dream life many of us would like to live. Epstein who rose from blue-collar Brooklyn to the heights of luxury rubbed shoulders with world presidents, prime ministers, top movie stars, and even British royalty. Most of his life the secretive self-made man remained surrounded by international who’s who and disturbing whispers that the enigmatic billionaire was secretly running an underground sex-trafficking ring — pimping out the young girls to the richest and most influential men in the world. In Epstein, three investigative journalists — Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin, James Robertson — tell the story of the man who ran one of the biggest global pedophile networks of his time.

The whispers around Epstein and his pals thrived as Epstein and his powerful pals refused to hide their perversions. Epstein traveled with a roster of young women by his side in his private jet, commonly known as the “Lolita Express — which was a global pedophile playground. The authors say that these weren’t periodic “seedy sexcapades.” These horrors — orchestrated by Epstein — were carried out daily. Epstein and his inner circle were so powerful that a massive police investigation in Florida ended with a whimper in 2007. After just a few months in jail, Epstein was back at it again, flaunting his freedom and his debauchery around the world for more than a decade. In the summer of 2019, the possibility of justice, at last, seemed real as federal agents officially charged Epstein with organizing the most extensive child sex ring in history. The reason was, the authors say, that some of his victims – now adult women –broke their silence to confront their abuser. But the hopes for long-overdue justice were shattered on August 10 when Epstein was found dead in his cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. It was declared a suicide. They write, “The devil who might have finally confessed to save what was left of his soul, was forever silenced.”

The authors write, with no one else charged in the indictment, the criminal case against Epstein himself was dropped. There would be no public trial and no further firsthand evidence unleashed. It seemed that Epstein had ultimately escaped criminal punishment and had silenced his victims yet again. Disturbing questions about Epstein first surfaced on a national scale in 2008, when Epstein received a sentence of just eighteen months in prison – followed with work release. Former US Labor Secretary Alex Acosta had helped prosecute Epstein at the time. In the face of critiques, Acosta steadfastly insisted he had simply secured the best deal possible. But when as to whether Epstein had scored a lighter sentence because he was a member of international intelligence, Acosta offered a non-denial denial — in classic politician form.

Epstein is the story of the victims of Epstein’s sex victims, dead bodies and international spies. It tells the story of crimes committed behind the glitter of wealth and power. Epstein reflects the hard work and research Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin, and James Robertson have put to tell this horrible story. It is well-researched and beautifully written. It should be required reading for young journalists who aspire to become investigative journalists. Epstein is the true story of crime in high places, but it is as gripping and thrilling as a good novel can be. It is a perfect match for those who love to read true crime.

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