250 time-and labor-saving sumptuous meals

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November 6, 2020
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250 time-and labor-saving sumptuous meals

Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple by Jacques Pépin, Tom Hopkins (Photographer), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, US $35.00, Pp 376, October 2020, ISBN 9780358352556

Modern urban life leaves little time for most of us and we do not want to waste the little time we have in running errands and cooking. The result is we end up eating unhealthy fast food. Fast food is unhealthy. But the bigger problem is fast food does not offer unlimited choices. In Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple by Jacques Pépin offers more than 250 time-and labor-saving recipes for busy people. Jacques Pépin says that these recipes were born of the necessity to accommodate today’s fast-paced lifestyle and it is rewarding without being demanding. These recipes can be prepared easily at the end of a busy day. Jacques Pépin gives useful tips on the kind of kitchen equipment you need to save time and what you need to store in your pantry.

Jacques Pépin believes that if something tastes goods, it doesn’t matter whether it is authentic or prepared correctly – “What works, works.” Jacques Pépin, Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple represents many styles of cooking and is aimed at satisfying a variety of needs and fit a host of occasions. He writes, “My way of cooking – based on years of professional experience – makes use of fresh foods from farmers’ market and the supermarket, preferably organic, to which I apply a personal touch to make them my own.” Homemade has become a buzz word in today’s cookbooks. Jacques Pépin says that homemade food is good only when it is superior in taste to its store-bought counterpart. Selectively mixing fresh with canned, bottled or frozen foods can result in great dishes. It is for the people who are on the run but demand good food.

The book has great photos of the dishes and photos showing tips/techniques. description of equipment and utensils; and, more importantly, a description of ingredients. He keeps matters simple and presents more than 250 of his homemade recipes. The recipes are healthy but, most importantly, take only a little more time than you would spend in going to a fast-food restaurant, wait in the line and come back. Healthy and scrumptious food does not get any better than this. He leaves no excuses for you to not eat delicious and healthy food at home.

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