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Perfecting the art of baking

The Magnolia Bakery Handbook: A Complete Guide for the home…  by Bobbie Lloyd, Harper Design, US $35.00, Pp 308, October 2020, ISBN 978-0062887214

Who doesn’t love good dessert like cakes and cupcakes? Most people find it daunting to make their cakes and cookies in their own kitchen. They find it more difficult and time-consuming to do baking at home although they can make desserts at home with a bit of effort and a good recipe. As Bobbie Lloyd says, baking is a study in preparation and patience. She says that it’s essential to read a recipe through from beginning to end. Then do it again. On this second go around, check the ingredients and be sure that you have everything required. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a recipe, only to find out that you don’t have any eggs.

Bobbie says that you must confirm that you have all the tools and the right pan sizes and that your ingredients are at the correct temperature. It is very important to follow the instructions fully. For examples, if a recipe calls for ingredients at room temperature, you should remove them from the refrigerator half an hour before you begin. Premeasure as many of the ingredients as possible. She writes, “Take your time! Being in a hurry makes you more likely to forget the vanilla or the salt (speaking from experience).” Her advice is to portion your ingredients all into little bowls, so that they are ready when you need them. You must use a scale and measuring cups, weigh out all your dry ingredients first.

Another important thing is that the ingredients to be at proper temperature to ensure that the recipe is successful. Some types of baked goods, such as cakes, call for butter, eggs, and dairy ingredients at room temperature; others, such as pie dough and scones, require cold butter. Room temperature is around 68 to 70F. You will find recipes for everything you can bake in your kitchen — cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and bars, pies, muffins and coffee cakes, scones, icebox desserts, banana pudding — in The Magnolia Bakery Handbook. You will not find more delectable desserts elsewhere. Bobbie is very ingenious in creating delicious and simple-to-make desserts. Bobbie has perfected the art of baking in The Magnolia Bakery Handbook.

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