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In December 12018, The Washington BookReview completes its four years. The idea behind The Washington BookReview emerged in the fall of 2014 when a  Virginia/ Maryland/ Washington DC-based book club -- composed of writers, authors and book-lovers -- thought there should be a publication that gives a deeper insight into good books. The traditional reviews typically give the opinion of the reviewers and very little of what the author says. Our reviews particularly give the gist of the book -- in many cases, in the words of the author -- and our opinion in the last paragraph or lines. During the last four years, there have been many ups and downs. There were times when we thought of discontinuing the publication. During its short life, it was attacked once by unscrupulous hackers and once by malware. We survived both attacks and came back with more passion for books and more vigor to promote them. But, unfortunately, a lot of good reviews were lost in the process. Recently, we changed the domain name and email IDs and took all security measures including raising a firewall around the website.We have built a huge following of regular readers around the world. Our readers particularly include librarians and book-lovers. Our readers are relatively smarter and more informed. During these years many people have played their roles to promoteThe Washington BookReview and their favorite books. They particularly include Sarah Kahn, Kristine Q. Baker, Sarah Cohen, and Arif Jamal. We look forward to sharing our and our favorite authors’ opinions with our readers.