Frequently asked questions

Q -- I am a publicist at a publishing company/PR company. How can I submit a book for review?

A -- Please contact us with the details of the book at If we short-list the title, we will contact you with the mailing address within five business days. If you do not hear from us, it means the title could not be shortlisted for some reason. It is definitely not a judgment on the book because sometimes we have to pass over great titles because we do not have anybody to review it.

Q -- I am an author. Can I submit my book for review?

A -- In principle, you can submit your book for review. But, we request you to submit your book through your personal or publisher’s publicist. If you or your publishers do not have any publicist, you can directly send two copies to us.

Q -- Do you accept books published outside of North America?

A -- Yes. We love to receive submissions from outside of North America. Books published outside of North America are slightly more likely to be accepted for review as compared to a comparable title published in North America.

Q -- If my book is shortlisted, what should I expect?

A -- If your book is shortlisted, this means that there is a greater possibility of it being reviewed. More than 50 percent of shortlisted books are reviewed.

Q -- What is your mailing address?

A -- Please email us at with your book details and we will give you the address.

Q - How long do you take to post the review after you receive?

A -- It can take us four to six weeks to post the review. More often it gets posted sooner. We will email you with the link to the review as soon as possible if it is published. Therefore, make sure we have your current email ID!

Q -- Who are your readers?

A -- Most of our readers live in North America, Europe, Australia and South Asia (in this order). Our readers include a substantial number of library people. Most of our readers are educated people who want to know more about the book than a traditional book review offers.

Q -- Do you publish a traditional paper magazine also?

A -- No. We do not publish a paper magazine.

Q -- Can you tell us something about your reviewers?

A -- Our reviewers include journalists, academics, and students who love to read books. Please visit our About Us page for more information.

Q -- Do you accept uncorrected copies/print or digital galleys to review them?

A -- We consider only the titles for which we have the finished copies. We do not accept digital/print galleys for review. We do not accept copies with any stickers and stamps for review either.

Q -- How many copies of the book should I send to make sure it is considered for review?

A -- We typically ask for two copies of the finished book. Under our point-based selection criteria, a single copy is more likely to be passed on. We expect you to mail the book as soon as they reach the warehouse or are ready for distribution.

Q -- Can I request you to return the review copies after the review is published?

A -- All submission materials for review/review copies become the sole property of The Washington BookReview. We have the right to dispose of the submission materials/review copies in whatever way we see fit. You agree to this when you send us the review copies.

Q – If I have more questions, who should I contact?

A – If you still have questions, please write to us at We will try to reply as soon as possible.