Our Services

We offer several services for publishers, writers and readers.


We offer three levels of editing/proofreading service. The standard editing/proofreading plan will clean the text of basic spelling mistakes (particularly those only a human eye can catch such as raise and raze or advise and advice) and other critical mistakes and make the text easier to read. We will not change the text. The advanced editing/proofreading plan will also look into the issues of syntax in addition to cleaning the text of basic spelling mistakes and other critical mistakes. The premier editing/proofreading service will make your text perfect by taking out repetitions and re-arranging the text. The price for standard editing/proofreading is ¢1.25 per word (minimum $10). As all texts are different, we will give you a customized quote for advanced and premier plans after seeing the text. We will edit/proofread the first 200-500 words for free for long texts so that you have an idea of how we will improve your text. Your text may include a letter or a book. Please contact us at services@WashBookReview.com.