July 17, 2019

How not to raise your children

How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for… by Esther Wojcicki, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, US $28.00, Pp 336, May 2019, ISBN 978-1328974860 Have you ever asked […]
July 10, 2019

Dying for your political beliefs

Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment… by Jonathan M. Metzl, Basic Books, US $32.00, Pp 340, March 2019, ISBN 978-1541644984 President Trump won […]
July 10, 2019

Reinterpreting Islam law

Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law:  A Fresh Interpretation by Mohammad Hashim Kamali,  Oxford University Press,  US $49.95,  Pp 452, June 2019, ISBN 978-0190910648 The mere […]
July 9, 2019

Best novels to read this summer

Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand, Little, Brown and Company, US $28.00, Pp 432, June 2019, ISBN 978-0316420013 Riots I Have Known by Ryan Chapman, Simon […]
July 9, 2019

Theodore Roosevelt and the American Century

The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the Dawn of the American Century by Clay Risen, Scribner, US $30.00, Pp 368, June 2019, ISBN […]
July 9, 2019

The father of our liberties

George Mason: The Founding Father Who Gave Us the Bill of Rights by William G. Hyland Jr., Regnery History, US $29.99, Pp 492, May 2019, ISBN […]
July 3, 2019

Vegetables aren’t an easy sell

Vegetables Unleashed: A Cookbook by Jose Andresa and Matt Goulding, Ecco / Anthony Bourdain, US $39.99, Pp 368, May 2019, ISBN 978-0062668387 Americans have pretty bad […]
July 1, 2019

Making a difference in ordinary people’s lives

The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose by Trent Shelton, Lou Aronica (Contributor), Thomas Nelson, US $24.99, Pp 202, May 2019, ISBN 978-1400207930 Ten years […]
July 1, 2019

Revisiting human rationality

The Territories of Human Reason: Science and Theology in an Age of Multiple Rationalities by Alister E. McGrath, Oxford University Press, US $34.95, Pp 280, March […]
June 29, 2019

Best historical novels for this summer

The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins, Harper, US $26.99, Pp 366, May 2019, ISBN 978-0062851895 The Summer Country by Lauren Willig, William Morrow, US $26.99, Pp […]
June 27, 2019

Political and economic conditions define love

The Promise: Love and Loss in Modern China by Xinran Xue, William Spence (Translator), I. B. Tauris, US $27.00, Pp 268, February 2019, ISBN 978-1788313629 China […]
June 27, 2019

How to produce awesome landscape photos

The Landscape Photography Book: The step-by-step techniques you need to capture breathtaking landscape photos like the pros by Scott Kelby, Rocky Nook, US $29.95, Pp 226, […]
June 20, 2019

How the Greatest Spectacle in Racing was born and survived

The Indianapolis 500: Inside the Greatest Spectacle in Racing by James Craig Reinhardt, Red Lightning Books/Indiana University Press, US $15.00, Pp 204, April 2019, ISBN 978-1684350742     […]
June 19, 2019

The story of America’s most celebrated children

The Kennedy Heirs: John, Caroline, and the New Generation by J. Randy Taraborrelli, St. Martin’s Press, US $29.99, Pp 608, June 2019, ISBN 978-1250174062 The Kennedys […]
June 17, 2019

General Alexander Haig — thirty-seventh-and-a-half president of the United States

Haig’s Coup: How Richard Nixon’s Closest Aide Forced Him from Office by Ray Locker, University of Nebraska Press/Potomac Books, US $32.95, Pp 352, May 2019, ISBN 978-1640120358 In […]